In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, HOLLA INC. is now embracing The 7 Mountain Mandate, a powerful, transformative campaign intended to bring about social transformation. Since 2002, HOLLA has been an organization impacting communities. In 2005, HOLLA INC, developed, an online community, with a mandate to bring about community transformation. The foundational pillars of will forever be art, community, culture, music, technology, and web-life. 

In its 7 Mountain Mandate, Truth & Liberty Coalition expresses that “The Kingdom of God is enormous – far bigger than your family or local church. To deliver the truth of God’s Kingdom and unite the Body of Christ with the world at large, we believe we have the mandate to bring Godly change to our nation and, in truth the world, through the seven spheres – or mountains – of societal influence.



|HUB| stands for “Helping Undergird Builders.” To find out more about the vision, mission, and purpose of HOLLA INC., click About.

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