Lower income for a family can drastically affect a student’s ability and willingness to learn. Unfortunately, parents with low socioeconomic status cannot afford to provide “access to cognitively stimulating experiences,” materials or resources (1). This automatically leaves students academically behind their peers. Stressful financial situations for families can typically stimulate a negative atmosphere. Most parents are trying to deal with the burden of providing a stable home and supply of food on their own. Leaving them twice as likely to neglect all of the other emotional and psychological support their children may need.  Parents that tend to be under a lot of stress “tend to be less supportive and more punitive (1).” Some families are unable to have a stable environment to call their own, therefore their children find it very difficult to focus and most of all succeed in school. Parents within this population usually have a limited education themselves, making them less likely to be able to expose their child to a language rich environment. These devastating circumstances can inhibit parents from being an adequate support system for their child. They are unaware that all of these issues play a major role in the diminishing of their child’s self-esteem, which ultimately results in academic failure. This unfortunate cycle begin early in children’s lives.

Thirty-three elementary schools are located within the City of Norfolk. Twenty- one of these schools are currently accredited with warning (2). 

Understanding the socioeconomic issues and adverse childhood experiences of Norfolk’s resident, ShQuita and Archie Boone Jr. have founded HOLLA ACADEMY.

HOLLA ACADEMY was designed to serve youth and their families in a cooperative homeschool settings. Programming caters to those parents and students specifically within the Hampton Roads area. They intend to target parents that have an interest in homeschooling children.

HOLLA ACADEMY is for any student who may be struggling with reading or writing and for those who may need a creative outlet.


HOLLA Academy offers co-operative homeschooling through virtual platforms of Marco-Polo and Zoom. Hands On Learning Lab Access, LLC. assists HOLLA Academy to provide children with edutainment- positive beat and healing melodic music that develops children’s performance arts repertoire.

HOLLA Academy stands on universal principles and offers youth and family services that are culturally relevant. Families are guaranteed special treatment that renders quality educational experiences. 

Children are guaranteed age and developmentally appropriate lessons. Your entire family and community will relish in the stellar character of HOLLA scholarship.


Archie & ShQuita Boone are the founders of HOLLA Academy. Together, they parent four children, and their vision is to produce tomorrow’s global leaders today. They believe that children are the best ever! Wouldn’t you agree? Preschool is where childhood education begins. Thank you for making the decision to start early.

Archie’s Education & Experience

  • Early Childhood Education, PRE-K | Norfolk State University, 2018
  • SPED Assistant | Norfolk & Suffolk Public Schools, 2007-2015
  • Certified Educational Support Specialist | Tidewater Community College, 2011
  • Certified Early Childhood Instruction | Tidewater Community College, 2011
  • Certified Childhood Development | Tidewater Community College, 2011
  • Radnor Senior High School | A Better Chance School Radnor Senior High School, 1996-2001
  • Norfolk Academy | Learning Bridge School, 1993-1996

Archie’s Favorites

  • Color: Purple
  • Team: Philadelphia Eagles
  • School: Radnor High School ’01 | Norfolk State ’18
  • Game: Word Puzzles
  • Food: Avocado
  • Subject: Art
  • Hobby: Rhyming

ShQuita’s Education & Experience

  • Coming Soon

ShQuita’s Favorites

  • Coming Soon

JOIN FAMILY & WELLNESS HUB | Archie & ShQuita Boone


1) Anderson, S., Leventhal, T., & Dupéré, V. (2014). Exposure to Neighborhood Affluence and Poverty in Childhood and Adolescence and Academic Achievement and Behavior. Applied Developmental Science, 18(3), 123-138.Anderson, S., Leventhal, T., & Dupéré, V. (2014). Exposure to Neighborhood Affluence and Poverty in Childhood and Adolescence and Academic Achievement and Behavior. Applied Developmental Science, 18(3), 123-138.

2) Hulette, Elisabeth & Vegh,G. Steven (2012, Sept. 12). Norfolk Schools among state’s worst performing. Virginia Pilot. Retrieved from http://hamptonroads.com/2012/09/norfolk-schools-among-states-worst-performing

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