Something Is Different at Holla Homeschool Academy

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Something is Different at Holla Homeschool Academy

Archie Boone Jr.


Daddy Boone leads his family in a morning activity at Holla Homeschool Academy. The activity is a beginning of family broadcast surrounding events, themes, and topics that impact families. Enjoy!

About Archie & ShQuita

Archie & ShQuita Boone are the founders of HOLLA Academy. Together, they parent four children, and their vision is to produce tomorrow’s global leaders today. They believe that children are the best ever! Wouldn’t you agree? The home is where childhood education begins. Thank you for making the decision to donate today! In 2015, Thirty-three elementary schools were located within the City of Norfolk. Twenty-one of these schools were accredited with warning (2). Understanding the socioeconomic issues and adverse childhood experiences of Norfolk’s resident, ShQuita and Archie Boone Jr. founded HOLLA INC. Today, HOLLA ACADEMY serves the Boone children in a homeschool setting. Programming caters to the needs of each scholar. The Boones have been targeting parents that have an interest in homeschooling their own children. HOLLA ACADEMY is a model for individual or family that has a student who may be struggling with reading or writing and for those who may need a creative outlet. In the past, Archie and ShQuita have benefited from homeschooling co-ops, but during the COVID-19 Pandemic they witnessed a rise in homeschool learning through virtual platforms, like Marco-Polo and Zoom. Hands On Learning Lab Access, LLC. assists HOLLA Academy to provide the Boone family and community children with edutainment- positive up beat and healing melodic music that develops children’s performance arts repertoire. HOLLA Academy stands on universal principles and offers scholars and their families interaction that is culturally relevant and age & developmentally appropriate. Your donation strengthens the educational outcomes, led by the Boone Family as they serve Hampton Roads residents who are guaranteed special treatment that renders quality educational experiences.

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