REWIND | Boardwalk Art Show 2020

Boardwalk Art Show 2020

Oceanfront 9 said it best, “We have witnessed how quickly people mobilized to make this event happen. It’s a testament that the Virginia Beach community is no longer complacent basking in the sun, if others are stuck in the shade. Racism in any form is not ok and will no longer be tolerated by “residents.” Our work is just beginning.

Chalkwalk 4 Justice Core Values

Community | Unity | Peace | Love

Links to Articles

Pharrell posts Black Lives Matter photo, asks Virginia Beach to make it happen

Pharrell Williams Proposes Virginia Beach Black Lives Matter Art

Without council support, Virginia Beach manager said the city won’t paint Black Lives Matter on the Boardwalk

Chalkwalk 4 Justice is spreading down the Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Chalkwalk 4 Justice’: VB woman protesting racism through sidewalk art

Outside of Protests Locals Are Showing Support for the Black Lives Matter Movement

Artists Take to the Local Boardwalk to Share Black Lives Matter Message with Chalk

Activists form human Black Lives Matter letters on Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Human Black Lives Matter Letter Gallery

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