Boardwalk Art Show 2020

CLICK to view Timeline of Events for Chalk Walk 4 Justice and Cecelia Reid’s story.


Cecelia Reid & Company are inviting individuals and their families to join for a public rally to end racism.  Just like you, our hearts were broken as we watched the death of George Floyd. In response to this heinous act, we want to come together to protest racial inequality and police brutality against people of color. 


On June 13, 2020, we will meet at 7 AM with artists and volunteers at the 1st Jetty on Virginia Beach Oceanfront, for a layout of bodies on Black Lives Matter. At 8 AM we will go to 34-35th Street to start the outlines for messaging.


When you are arriving, if you are headed north on Pacific Ave, you will take a left on 34th Street. Our office is in the Howard Hannah Real Estate Parking Lot, but do NOT use the front lot.Turn into the lot behind the building and park anywhere or you can cross the alleyway and park in the lot to the left of BB&T, which is also our parking at Ocean Plaza Corporate Center. FYI, we have never towed anyone, but just in case, scribble “Bobby Davis Parking” on paper and leave it on your dash.


Black Lives Matter | Solidarity | Love | Community | Unity | Respect | Honor | Remember  


Dress in black and white and be prepared to participate in tribute activities, moments of silence, as a tribute to the lives of those taken due to police brutality. We will not appear or become riotous, chant or impede traffic, but safely make our stance together as a human race. Please join us and become part of this historical event.


Social distancing will be practiced at this event and we are asking you to please wear your mask. 


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One thought on “Boardwalk Art Show 2020”

  1. Hello, I just happened by chance to be at the boardwalk this morning, & participated. I was next to Archie, I think we were Va. Is there anyway I can get a picture of that from the drone operator? Thanks so much!
    Be Incredibly blessed!

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